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Endorsed Candidates Seattle City Council GENERAL Election 2023

The Seattle Hospitality for Progress PAC, the political arm of the Seattle Hotel Association and the Seattle Restaurant Alliance, are excited to announce our 2023 General Election endorsements for the Seattle City Council.

Mission:  To position Seattle’s hospitality sector as a meaningful participant in Seattle elections. 

Goal:  To educate, endorse and support candidates for Seattle elected positions by taking advantage of the diversity and breadth of Seattle’s hospitality sector. 

Principles: Seattle Hospitality for Progress is supported by the diverse restaurant and hotel sectors of Seattle’s economy.

Seattle Hospitality for Progress will support those who:

  • Commit the time to understand and learn about the difficult economic challenges facing the hospitality sector
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to the success of the hospitality industry
  • Positively promote and protect the best interests of the hospitality industry
  • Willingly engage with the hospitality industry and seek positive outcomes for all parties involved and the community as a whole
  • Invest in the vitality of the hospitality industry and our local economy and community

The SHP PAC Committee is tremendously excited about the many well qualified candidates across all districts.

District 1- Rob Saka

District 2- Tanya Woo

District 3- Joy Hollingsworth

District 4- Maritza Rivera

District 5- Cathy Moore

District 6- Pete Hanning

District 7- in discussion

Use this link to check which district you vote in.

For questions regarding candidates and the endorsement process, please contactt Austin Miller at